The Royal Vineyards

In the year 1066. the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV. donated vineyards to the newly established Benedictine monastery of St.Mary in Zadar, which was led by its sister, a nun Čika, a great-granddaughter of the Queen Jelena and the Croatian king Mihajlo Krešimir II.

In 1072. a nun Čika bought the first vineyards in Petrčane (Petrzane,) and since those times the abbey has had in possession the vineyards on their property. And this distinctive, consistent and smooth wine originates from this property.

Enjoy the intense aroma of wines with a hint of stone on which the reeds in grapes collect blessings of Zadar pleasant Mediterranean climate.

New life of the Royal Vineyards

The Royal Vineyards breathed in a new life by planting new plantations of vineyards, exclusively indigenous Croatian grape varieties, on the slopes above Petričane.

The Royal Vineyards Ltd Zadar was founded on St.Martin's, 11th November 2009, and then the contraction of the terrain and land preparation started in a way that bedrock was fragmented and new plantations of vineyards were planted on the land with a beautiful vineyard site where from the top wines Pošip, Crljenak and Plavac mali originate.

The Royal Vineyards are situated on the southern slopes above Petrčane and Punta Skala, and they are focused on lower production of premium wines from the original Dalmatian grape varieties.