Described by Decanter magazine as 'the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world'.

Jancis writes daily for (voted first-ever Wine Website of the Year in the Louis Roederer International Wine Writers Awards 2010), weekly for The Financial Times, and bi-monthly for a column that is syndicated around the world.

Professor Emerita in the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis, Carole Meredith was one of the first to use DNA profiling to differentiate grape varieties and to use this information to study the genetic relationships among them.

With her research group, Dr. Meredith determined the genetic and geographic origins of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Syrah and others.

Professor Vouillamoz is one of the world's leading authority on the origin and parentage of grape varieties through DNA profiling.

Swiss grape geneticist of international fame, trained with Prof. Carole Meredith at the University of California at Davis (USA), he is the co-author with the two Masters of Wine, Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding, of the multi-award winning book Wine Grapes (Allen Lane, 2012), the ultimate reference on all the grape varieties that are cultivated in the world.

As Vice President of Vineyard Operations for Ridge Vineyards, David Gates has the privilege of working with some of California’s finest Zinfandel vineyards.

He studied at UC Davis’ Enology and Viticulture Department, earning his BS and MS before entering the California wine industry.

David is a member of several wine industry organizations, including ASEV, Historic Vineyard Society, Rhone Rangers, and Zinfandel Advocates and Producers ...

Joel Peterson is the founder and winemaker of Ravenswood Winery.

After working with Joseph Swan, one of the masters of California Zinfandel , Joel founded Ravenswood in 1976 producing 327 cases of Old Vine Zinfandel.

Ravenswood now has a worldwide reputation and is one of the largest, most successful, highly rated, Zinfandel producers in California.

World famous wine experts visited The Royal Vineyards and finished their tour with tasting and dinner.

Reason for their visit was the First International Wine Experts and Enologist Conference which was held in Split under the name 'I am Tribidrag'. Link

The Royal Vineyards contribute a great deal to the story of Zinfandel (Tribidrag), which is right now maybe the most potent wine sort in Croatia. They (The Royal Vineyards) are one of the largest manufacturers of Zinfandel in Croatia with around 60.000 vine.

Monday, 10 April 2017 12:03

Yumi Tanabe visits the Royal Vineyards

Yumi Tanabe, the President od the international competition "SAKURA", worlds best wines as chosen by women of Japan was two-day visit to Royal Vineyards.

She has tasted all of our wines as well as other wines from the Zadar region and with a rich authentic cousine of the area she was introduced to wine pairings. The arrival of Mrs Tanabe and Toshiko Takeda, the director of „SAKURA“ will surely attribute to Croatian wines being better reognized in Japan.

As the president of the „ Main Institue of Wine & Spirits in Japan- cultural society“ she promotes the culture of wine, educates and trains wine specialist across Japan.

September 20th and 21st, 2015

In the St. Donat church, the Japanese group Monokai performed their traditional instrumental-visual stage performance with guests from Zadar, the women's vocal acapella group Kapric.

For over 40 years the group JFL seniors has loved and nourished the culture of Croatian folk dance and are now in Croatia for the first time with a desire to learn new dance moves.

Supported by the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Osaka, Japan, represented by Jelene Yamaski and organized by the NPO Japanese- Croatian Exchange Association JCEA, the group, together with the seniors of the folk dance group JFL -" Japan Folklore Lovers" visited Zadar today.

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