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Champion new wines from Punta Skala Petrčane

Pošip from the Royal Vineyards was proclaimed the champion of this year's VINCRO 2012 which is traditionally organized by the Municipality Polača.

After SABATINA 2012, that was held this year in Bol on the island Brač where the same Pošip was declared the Champion of the Sabatina in the cathegory of white wines, last night's overall victory  in the category of white and red wines is an acknowledgment of the exceptional quality of wines from the vineyards in Punta Skala.

The wine Pošip won so prestigious award that it confirms the selection of micro-location vineyards Punta Skala - Petrčane as the top position for getting quality grapes for wine production.

The companies the Royal Vineyards and the Grgur of the Wine have raised new plantations of vineyards on extra virgin land whose slopes are exposed to the benefits of all-day sun, protected from strong wind bura from Velebit. In just two years 180,000 vine slips were planted of the assortment Pošip, Crljenak and Plavac mali, for which, for the first time, the Institute for Mediterranean culture issued a permit for planting this assortment in the North Dalmatia, told us the winegrower – the winemaker Mr. Zoran Pantalon, the director of the Royal Vineyards Ltd and the winner of the rewarded wine. Apparently global warming has contributed that the best Dalmatian Pošip is just from Petričane, having in mind extremely strong competition of wines from  Korčula, Pelješac, Hvar, Makarska, etc.

On the first two contests Pošip from Punta Skala both times became the champion, what gives another dimension to the quality of that new Zadar wine, points out the enologist Mr.Dean Crnošija, agronomy, who closely monitors establishing the vineyards and creating new world-class wines, and whose first label it will receive in January 2013. So fragrant wine, as awarded Pošip is, harmoniously built with fullness and freshness, is expected in the coming years from Crljenak - Zinfandel and Plavac mali. Poor soil gives a bit of superior quality grapes and the winegrowers must follow that fact – they must feel what is the best of the reeds, and not be blind and not to be led only by  the economic guiding to have as much as the winegrower would like. They have already declared us freaks because we were removing half of the crops  from the reeds, says Mr.Crnošija, but in fact we only listened to the reed and what the best quality it  can give us

The goal of young winegrowers and winemakers is to produce premium wines from indigenous grape varieties that will capture the hearts of men with powerful and strong wines, as well as ladies with light fruity scented wine that is consumed more than one glass.

Activities in the vineyard Punta Skala - Petrčane started in March 2010 and in the same year the first 50,000 wine slips were planted and that of Pošip and Plavac mali. Extremely demanding preparation of the land lasted until the spring of 2012., and by that time all 24 acres were planted in total of 180,000 slips of . vine seedlings
The Royal Vineyards Ltd and the Grgur of the Wine Ltd by. planting vineyards on neglected undeveloped land, overgrown with underbrush in the rocky terrain, have achieved another record as the largest plantation in one piece of grape varieties Crljenak-Zinfandel in Dalmatia and Croatia. The vineyard was founded on the southwest slope above Petrčane - Punta Skala, 8-40 meters above the sea level and it is completely facing the sea.

The first quantities of grapes harvested at Punta Skala - Petrčane were sufficient for producing the champion Pošip on Sabatine 2012 and VINCRO Polača 2012, and premium red wines Crljenak and Plavac mali are waiting for the permission of the oenologists when they will appear in the light of a day, the day that will label even higher quality of the wines that consumers expect.

Favoring indigenous varieties of wines, provides an additional quality to our tourism and the recognition of  Dalmatia as the country with beautiful blue sea, great fun, delicious local food and exquisite wine.

Zadar has got one more wine champion and Petrčane has got new image.



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