Thursday, 18 April 2013 10:30

Pošip from the 'Royal vineyards' for the Swedish royal couple

The Swedish royal couple got one special gift in Zadar as a symbolic link with the Croatian royal line. It is the champion wine Pošip 2012 from the 'Royal Vineyards' from Petrčane that originates from the vineyards Punta Skala, whose land is owned by the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary from Zadar.

In 1066 the Croatian King Petar Krešimir the fourth donated the first vineyards to the newly founded Benedictine monastery of St. Mary in Zadar, which was led by its sister, a nun Čika, a great-granddaughter of the Queen Jelena and the Croatian King Mihajlo Krešimir II.

The manufacturers are convinced that the Swedish royal couple will enjoy the intensive aroma of the wine Pošip Punta Skala with a hint of stones on which the reeds in grapes collect blessings of the Zadar pleasant Mediterranean climate.

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