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'Croatian kings' in the Royal vineyards in Petrčane

Penultimate day of the Adventure Festival Film Forum Zadar, on the particularly interesting event, the Croatian film festival was blended with cuisine and a special destination.

On the beautiful slopes of the Royal vineyards above Petrčane and Punta Skala, where there is a view on the islands of the Zadar archipelago, in the reeds of vineyard the III. Episode of one of the most successful Croatian documentary series "Croatian kings"was performed (HTV), and thus brilliant connection among Croatian culture, the location and indigenous cuisine was presented to the guests of the festival.

This connection between the series projection of the "Croatian kings" and this destination in the vineyards is extremely interesting and special. In 1066. the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV. donated  newly established vineyards to the. Benedictine monastery of St.Mary in Zadar, which was led by its sister, a nun Čika, a great-granddaughter of the Queen Jelena and the Croatian king Mihajlo Krešimir II.

A nun Čika had bought the first vineyards in Petrčane (Petrzane) in 1072. Since then the monastery had  vineyards on its land but it was confiscated from them after World War II and then partially returned after the Homeland war. Four years ago, the company Royal Vineyards planted new vineyards on the land where  premium wines Pošip, Crljenak and Plavac mali come from.

The wines Punta Skala have already won the flattering titles of the champions, and the guests from the Festival Film Forum Zadar enjoyed in smooth wine with intensive aromas of fruit,, with a hint of stone on which the reeds in grapes collect blessings of the Zadar pleasant Mediterranean climate.



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