Wine Film Festival

Wine Film Festival (2)

Penultimate day of the Adventure Festival Film Forum Zadar, on the particularly interesting event, the Croatian film festival was blended with cuisine and a special destination.

On the beautiful slopes of the Royal vineyards above Petrčane and Punta Skala, where there is a view on the islands of the Zadar archipelago, in the reeds of vineyard the III. Episode of one of the most successful Croatian documentary series "Croatian kings"was performed (HTV), and thus brilliant connection among Croatian culture, the location and indigenous cuisine was presented to the guests of the festival.

Thursday, 28 August 2014 09:43

Royal vineyards as the film destination

Punta Skala, 28.08.2014

Beautiful, unique ambience of the Royal vineyards, situated on one of the best locations of vineyards in the Northern Dalmatia, last night was transformed into a theatre stage under the stars.

Avvantura film festival Zadar, on the picturesque slopes above Punta Skala, with a view overlooking Zadar, the islands of the Zadar archipelago and Velebit, along with the partner, in other words with the LUX Prize which is sponsored by the European Parliament, and with the hospitality of the Royal Vineyards, prepared the event for memory.