We have focused on three original Croatian grapevine varieties:

Pošip is the first Croatian protected white wine from 1967. that was proclaimed famous, in other words superb.

Plavac mali is the most prestigious indigenous Dalmatian variety originated by spontaneous crossing of two older varieties, Šolta's Dobričić and medieval Tribidiraga (Pribidraga, Crljenak kaštelanski, and perhaps even of some other old names), in the area of Southern Dalmatia before at least 250 years.

Crljenak is an old indigenous Croatian grape variety. It has been scientifically proven that Italian Primitivo and Zinfandel American, are genetically identical to Crljenak and Plavac mali, originated from it. The style of origin can be identified in each of our wines, that we lead to refinement in the nose and palate and that we enjoy with the original Dalmatian-Mediterranean food.

Our passion for quality is embedded in every drop of wine.

Our vineyards are characterized by the fact that they are placed in the rocky limestone soil, which is south-facing and with ideal slope of the land for a vineyard.

They are one of the few large vineyards in Dalmatia and Croatia which are planted on a narrow row spacing so that a hectare has 8,000 grapevines.

Drip irrigation at each grapevine guarantees us proper development of the grapevine,its quality lifespan, its good shape and most importantly good, healthy, aromatic and extremely high quality grapes from which we prepare smooth, fruity wines that exude freshness.

Our focus on the premium and luxury wines has proved to be justified and confirmed on the regional competitions where we have achieved flattering titles for champion wines.

Crljenak – (primitivo – IT; zinfandel- USA)

Our wish to succeed in producing the highest quality Crljenak - Zinfandel is based on the advantages in autochtony of this variety and original influences of the sun, rocks and the sea on grapes increased with constant currents of cold air from Velebit.

All other our wines reflect freshness and tones of fruit flavors and fragrances, drowned alcohol and strong body what is achieved by applying the finer nuances of temperature during fermentation and selecting the dwell time, and they are nurtured in specially selected barik (barriques) barrels.