What is the Vinolok?

THE ROYAL VINEYARDS are the first in Croatia to have applied the system of closing bottles with VINOLOK glass stoppers.

We offer a totally new, unique style and elegance in closing bottles of wine with glass - crystal cups.
Opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, avoiding harmful consequences from the closing cork, 100% sealing without air – they are just some of the advantages of this system.

VINOLOK is an innovative and the most modern choice for consumers.

VINOLOK glass stoppers are unique in their simplicity and comfort, what prevent the leakage of the air into the bottle as the main cause of wine oxidation.
The idea originated from the German physician Dr. Karl Matheis whose hobby was wine production, and like all winemakers, he had "little headache" - problems with cork stoppers and wine oxidation.

VINOLOK is technically and organoleptically 100% neutral. It fully meets the nutritional standards and it is attractive to consumers.
Using glass stoppers for wine bottles is innovative and most advanced choice for consumers. Purity, neutrality and simplicity guarantee quality and long life of our wines.

Enjoy in 100% preserved wines in the bottles of wine Punta Skala packed with VINOLOK glass stoppers.